Two Poaching Suspects Wanted in Oregon
They're wanted for "wildlife violations" and we're guessing that means possible poaching or illegal hunting, but authorities didn't  specify. But they are looking for these two men.
6 Hunting Apps That’ll Improve Your Game
Smart phones help us with most of our daily tasks, so why shouldn't it help out hunters with bringing home the best game possible? Just because you’re slogging through the forest, or across an alpine meadow, with your gun in hand, doesn’t mean you have to leave t…
Hunting in Hanford May Be Allowed
According to the Tri-City Herald, U.S. Fish and Wildlife are likely to allow hunting of elk cows in the Hanford Reach National Monument to thin the herd.
When the population grows too large, the animals tend to eat crops from nearby fields...
Pennsylvania Wants to Allow Porcupine Hunting
Porcupines aren't exactly idolized for their cuteness, but hunting the pokey critters seems a bit cruel.
Nevertheless, hunting regulators in Harrisburg, PA, say it's time to declare open season on the odd-looking rodents after residents began citing property damage as a result of the porcup…