Hot Pants

Raising Crows in My Backyard
A couple of weeks ago I ended up with an injured crow in my backyard.  It had a severely damaged wing.  It was able to hop and walk around but completely unable to fly.  Soon I noticed a baby crow following it around the yard.  It too was unable to fly.
Do You Flip Out When Family Comes to Town?
Ok, so here we are just a few day before Thanksgiving and I'm freaking out...and I'm not entirely sure why.  I mean, I love my family and friends and I'm looking forward to hosting all 15 of them on Thursday (and Friday...oh and on Saturday and Sunday too) - but on the other…
Jake Owen and Hot Pants – Planking! [VIDEO]
Jake Owen has recently joined the art of "planking".   “In Boston… Planking my a– off,” Owen tweeted Friday, including a photo of himself laying flat across two tour buses. As demonstrated by Mr. Owen above.  Read more from Ta…