Free Seminar Gives Keys to Thriving Through Cancer
Michele Nieson is a three time cancer survivor and has learned much through her journey. She is now giving advice about her experiences including keeping a sense of humor, tips for staying healthy, positive imagery, and gearing up for survivorship.
Health And Safety Expo
Join us Today broadcasting live from 6a-9a!
EXPO 2012 – May 15th and 16th – 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
There is no charge to participate in or attend EXPO, and parking is free
Meet Councilman McBonehead
Sometimes you read stuff and just shake your head, and you wonder how guys like this got to where they are. I was so mad after I read this, I will just post the story and let you comment.
Don’t play with your food!  A New York City councilman has introduced a bill that would force fast f…
Are You Ready To Change Your Life?
Wow! That's a big question! Lots of people have gone on diets. Losing weight is a good thing! Summer is right around the corner and maybe you want to lose 15 pounds or maybe you need to make the BIG change and lose around 150 pounds!

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