The 10 Biggest Regrets for People Over Age 50
According to a survey by a British travel site called, these are the biggest regrets people over age 50 have about their lives.  Maybe the rest of us can use it as a heads-up . . . because we still have time, right?
I Pampered Myself Today With a Massage!
I’ve been talking on the air about how sore I am lately, between hiking Badger Mountain, and trying to do Bikram Hot Yoga at least 4 times per week! And some weight training, I have an aching bod! So, today…I treated myself to an incredible massage...
Flu Season 2013 Worst in a Decade?
Some are saying this years flu season is off to a raging start. Plenty of people are experiencing some bad symptoms this year already!
Here is some info from the Center of Disease Control  on preventing  the flu!
When to get vaccinated against seasonal flu
Yearly flu vaccination should begin in Septemb…
Day 2 Faith Martin Hikes Badger Mountain!
Okay I promise I won't post EVERYDAY that I go. But, it was kinda cool today when we hiked Badger Mountain in the snow! I took a bunch of pics this morning! It was an awesome way to start the day!
If you have never done it...You may want to re-consider...
I Hiked Badger Mountain Today and Loved it!
Okay so today I got up real early and hiked the back side of Badger Mountain with my two dogs and a friend and it WAS AWESOME! I can see why people love to do that!
What a great way to start the day!
It was real foggy and cloudy and kind of misty out but it was actually very pleasant...
My Favorite Morning Drink-Spinich/Berry Smoothie
I have been making smoothies with my Magic Bullet that I bought from Costco for the past year. But, recently purchased this "Ninja" at Costco  and it seems way more powerful. It can quickly blend frozen bananas, fruit, ice cubes etc.
There are so many great smoothies to make...

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