Most Affordable Elsa from “Frozen” Halloween Costumes [PHOTOS]
Halloween is just around the corner and if you have a daughter like me I am sure you have been looking for an Elsa costume from the movie "Frozen." Earlier this year they were crazy expensive but you can order one now for a pretty reasonable price. Here is a list of the most afford…
Best Ways to Bake Pumpkin Seeds [RECIPES]
There is no "right way" to bake pumpkin seeds. Each method has pros and cons so you'll have to settle on what works for you. Personally, I hate chewy shells so I like recipes that crisp them. Once they're baked some like sweet seasoning, others prefer savory. So here are …
What Candy Did You Most Hope for on Halloween? [SURVEY]
The candy I most hoped for as a kid was Hershey Mounds (you know, chocolate and coconut)! What was yours? Answer the survey and we'll publish the results. HOPEFULLY that will inform your buying decisions this month as you stock up for the big night!
How to Make the Best Spider Webs on the Block!
If you've been through TERROR BEHIND THE SCREEN you've probably noticed our cobwebs look really good. Most people's fake spiderwebs in the front yard or around their office cubicle look terrible. The reason is they're applying it wrong. Here's how to have realistic-looking c…

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