I Applaud the Tri-Cities Plinkers!
I love shooting guns and I usually go to Hole in the Wall in Kennewick. I have been to, and enjoy, the Rattlesnake Mountain gun club out near Horn Rapids. What I really loved while living in Montana, Nevada and Alaska is going out in the wilderness for target practice. It's not so easy to do th…
Best Idea Ever: Targets on the Back of Pizza Boxes!
Every once in a while an idea comes along like slicked bread, foaming hand soap and cordless game controllers when you think, "WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG?!" Newest one I discovered: printing shooting targets on the back of pizza boxes.
I May Have Shot My Pinkie, But a Benton City Man Shot Himself in the Leg!
Authorities are investigating a situation that occurred around 7 p.m. on Wednesday just off Rupport Road. A man in his 50s went into a field behind his house for target practice and apparently shot himself in the upper thigh. This story may be funny to some, but I among the few who have shot themsel…

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