Greg Delange

Graduation 2012!
I can't believe my son has graduated from High school. When I look at you now, tall and strong, I don’t just see an eighteen-year-old man,  I see you as a blur of blonde hair racing by in batman pajamas. It was the time of my life!
Senior year is a year of letting go,&nbs…
Using Movie Title, Describe Your Ex
Greg is out on vacation this morning, but he  is still with us in spirit. Today's post is  inspired by a Greg Delange Facebook status. Earlier he posed the question, "If you could describe your ex with a movie title, what would it be?"
It’s Not Easy Being a Jersey Shore Fan
Chuck makes fun of me for watching Jersey Shore, but I can’t look away. I’m hooked. Their ridiculous shenanigans somehow make me feel better about my own behavior. Any poor decision I could possibly make would pale in comparison to the self destructive tendencies o…
What Are the Worst Restaurant Names?
If you happened to listen to KORD this morning you may have heard us yapping about the worst restaurant names ever. Many listeners called in and this is the list we compiled of WORST RESTAURANT NAMES EVER!
Local Duck Finds Home at Mac’s Garden Center
Mac's Garden Center is a retail nursery located in Pasco. Recently during a visit  I noticed something moving in one of the hanging plants suspended about 6 feet above. After some fine detective work which included reading a sign that said "Not for sale, mother duck nesting&a…
I Work With This!
This is my view every morning, I think God is punishing me.
Here is a few examples of thoughts that run through my head while I'm working with Chuck.

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