Greg Delange

Greg’s Failed Pick-up Lines [warning]
Ah Yes.. Monday night football means a new place to try out my famous pick-up lines. so far it's not working out so well.  huh weird?
DISCLAIMER:  "With Great pick-up line power, comes great pick-up line responsibility" use these with caution..chicks dig em!
Greg’s Pickup lines For Boat Races
Disclaimer: I Greg DeLange take no responsibility for any awkwardness that may ensue from the use of these lines. remember with great pick up line power ,comes great responsibility
Now get out there and pick-up your boat race sweetie!
How To Avoid Bad Luck
Today is Friday the 13th, and as Michael Scott once said "I'm not superstitious but i am a little stitious."
You should avoid the following activities today because it is considered bad luck to do the following things on any Friday that falls on a 13th.


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