Greg Delange

Has Anyone Heard of Gefilte Fruit Dumplings?
My ancestors are German and Russian (Jewish actually, but we're all Christian now). That means my mom has a really interesting family cook book. We always had fruit (berry) dumplings simmered in milk and butter that we called "gafilda" -- but the only food word even close to t…
How to Be a Good Facebook Friend
I love Facebook. I love getting attention on Facebook. In the past I've written up rules for Facebook. These included pet peeves and no-nos. Today I'd like to talk about something everyone SHOULD do on Facebook.
I Think Greg Is Conducting a Social Experiment [VIDEO]
We have to keep the outside doors locked at the KORD studios because Greg leaves his wallet lying around the entire building. Today it was sitting by itself on a desk with no one around and a $20 bill poking out. Am I going to be in an episode of "What Would You Do?"
Greg Explores New Career: Coke Machine Guy
Greg Delange is a man who wears many hats for KORD. He builds haunted houses and Benton-Franklin Fair booths. He's our go-to fix it guy and construction expert. Today he explored a new skill set: Coke Machine expert.
My Mom Brought in ‘Grabaducks’ to Share!
My mom is so cool. She made Grabaducks (that's what my family calls them, but I think it's an Americanized version of the phrase "kraut bierocks," which is basically German cabbage burgers). She often makes them for my work crews when we're building the haunted house…

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