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Do You Eat Tartar Sauce With Your Fries? [VOTE]
I personally don't eat any sauce with any food, but lots of people like tartar sauce with fries, do you? Is it a regional thing? Some restaurants ASSUME you want tartar sauce with your fry order. Do enough people do that for servers to assume it?
Best French Fries in the Tri-Cities – KORD VIPs Speak Out
Last week, we gave you our list of great places to get French fries in the Tri-Cities, and in return, you dished us yours. Here are KORD listeners' favorite places in the Tri-Cities to sit down with a plate of French fries.

4803 Clemente Lane, Pasco 547-8647
2417 West Kennewick Avenue, Kennewi…
Where Are The Best French Fries in the Tri-Cities?
They may technically be a side dish, but we all know how important French fries are to us. They can make or break a restaurant experience, they often determine where we eat out and they are the source of many cravings. Help us compile a list of the best French fries in the Tri-Cities