Best 4th of July Firework Shows in the Mid Columbia 2013
Fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate this countries Independence day. Towns all around the Mid-Columbia are following tradition and hosting their own events you and your family can enjoy. From Hermiston to Walla Walla, Moses Lake to Pendleton, there are things to do and see this 4th of July...
4th Of July Guidelines
According to the Tri-city Herald :
Residents in Franklin County -- including Pasco -- and those in Kennewick and Prosser are banned from having fireworks of any kind.
Richland, Benton City and unincorporated Benton County residents, however, can use what officials consider "safe and sane&am…
A Little Bit Of Everything
As we return from a three day week end, I feel there are allot of thing that need my attention. For instance, Casey Anthony is found not guilty of murder of her daughter. I, or many of us don't really know what happened, but there is such a thing as karma,  and final judgement. So if you a…
4th Of July Safety Tips! Keep It Safe And Sane!
4th of July weekend is here! A great mid-summer holiday to celebrate our nation's independence and enjoy everything that's summer. We thought we would give you a few things to think about to make sure nobody ends up hurt or worse. So here are your 4th of July safety tips!
4th of July Events – Kennewick & Pasco
There's plenty of ways to celebrate freedom this 4th of July!  From Pasco's Grand Old 4th Celebration to the 25th Annual River of Fire festival in Kennewick.
Pasco's Grand Old 4th begins it's celebration July 3rd with the Tri-City Dustdevils at GESA Stadium with fireworks aft…