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Morning Brew Goes Bye Bye! [VIDEO]
Hey everybody!
Bear and I Just want to let everyone know that we totally appreciate you all spending your mornings with us for the past year.
We've enjoyed you all so much!
We have been notified that some changes will be made to the Morning Show. And we have to say good bye!
Awesome Wineries In Eastern WA [VIDEO]
Last weekend my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of performing at Columbia Crest Winery.  We played in the beautiful  cobblestone courtyard.  The building itself was something to behold. Stucco built, and adorned with Granite and rustic  hard wood...
What I’ll Miss About Summer!! [VIDEOS]
If you're anything like me, you may feel we were cheated of the long hot summers that we're used to.  Maybe it's just my perception, but it feels like we had a shortened summer and I'm sad to see it go.
As the years pass...I try to hang on to the things I do in life that I LO…
Camping At Conrad Meadows [VIDEO]
I spent a much needed time away this past weekend at Conrad Meadows. I think I must be the last soul alive to finally go. I had heard about how great it was for so long.
We took the horses and on Saturday we rode up to Surprise Lake. It was a gorgeous ride!
Horseback Riding At Potholes
After the wonderful events at the South Ridge Sports Complex on Sunday, I headed out of town with my boyfriend Tony to Potholes Reservoir. We decided to take the horses and go explore!
River Fun Over the Weekend!
Not all of us had the pleasure of seeing the boat races over the weekend!  But, I have to say the Columbia River was the best way to enjoy warm temperatures and lots of sunshine!
Horses too, enjoy the cool refreshing water!
Best Quote Of The Year!
I saw this on Facebook this morning! I couldn't agree more!
Krista Griffin Archibald said..
"I think that since we have "snow days" in the winter, we should get to have "it's way too nice out to go to work" days during the summer, with pay&am…
Ameri-Canine Idol This Weekend!!
I've been invited to help host this years Ameri-canine Idol Contest this weekend along with City of Kennewick Programmer Greg Sambrano. 
McCurly Integrity Subaru is a huge sponsor this year along with Meadow Hills Veterinary Center.
And, if you go to the McCurly Subaru store at the…

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