WA Driving License Office Made Changes to Driving Test – YIKES!
Information you may want to know if your planning on taking a driving test
As of December 1, the Department of Licensing will no longer conduct driving tests. a new program allowing driver training schools and school district driver training programs across the state to conduct driver knowledge and s…
Find A Designated Driver! No Free Rides This Year!
Hey Everybody!
There are NO free rides this year through Kennewick Police Dept, for those who have had too much to drink! So...it's up to YOU to be responsible!!
Please, please please...Have a TON of FUN! But PLEASE make SURE you take special care NOT to drink and drive...
I Love Snow
snow accumulations in the Tri-Cities could reach 8 inches, which could make driving like an e-ticket ride at Disneyworld
What Was Your First Car?
We couldn't wait to get behind the wheel and it idn't really matter what it was! We got our learners permit and then our driver's license and we were driving!
Driving While Intalksicated
Driving while talking on your cellphone should have the same punishment as a DUI, if you fail the field variaty test, it's off too Prison, Jail, The Cooler, The Poky, The Big house, Sing Sing, The Rock, The Pit, The Hole, The Slammer, The Concrete Cubical.

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