Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers In Heartwarming Montage [VIDEO]
Is there anything more adorable than a dog greeting its owner? How about a dog greeting its owner after they return home from military deployment? We dare you to watch this supercut of lovable pooches welcoming their owners home from military service and not get choked up.
Paco the Crime-Fighting Chihuahua Chases Off Robbers [VIDEO]
When Eric Knight adopted his Chihuahua, Paco, from a shelter five years ago, he had no idea the pint-sized canine led a double-life as a superhero.
Two armed robbers who recently tried to shake down Knight’s cigar store in Altadena, California found out the hard way. They got far enough in the heist …
It’s Not CSI, It’s DPI – Dog Poop Investigators
I take my 3 Golden Retrievers out for a walk almost every day and I think we are conscious walkers. I mean we pick up after ourselves...but other dog walkers...not so much. But beware...pretty soon we'll know who is leaving the mess.
Ameri-Canine Idol This Weekend!!
I've been invited to help host this years Ameri-canine Idol Contest this weekend along with City of Kennewick Programmer Greg Sambrano. 
McCurly Integrity Subaru is a huge sponsor this year along with Meadow Hills Veterinary Center.
And, if you go to the McCurly Subaru store at the…
Puppy Scales Fence To Escape Kennel [VIDEO]
Pets love their freedom too! I have had dogs that no matter what you do...they can NOT be contained. I've dealt with angry neighbors, Animal Control Officers and feared my dog would get hit by a car. After the jump, check out this pup who gets out of his kennel in an extraordinary way.

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