19 Arizona Firefighters Killed in Yarnell Hill Wildfire
It is the largest number of firefighters lost from one wildfire in more than 30 years, and the most from a single event since the September 11 attacks in 2001. In total, 19 firefighters have perished while on the front lines of a wildfire in Arizona, 18 of them were members of the Granite Mountain H…
Jackie Chan Dies!!…huhhhh?
This is what the internet is saying: Hollywood Breaking News - Jackie Chan died after perfecting a deadly stunt. Jackie Chan falls from a building of 12 floors. Police are currently investigating. Watch the original video of the deadly stunt and their effort to save Jackie Chan.
Spokane Man Killed En Route to Mother’s Funeral
A motorcyclist riding to his mother’s funeral was killed in a crash on Highway 2, heading north to Newport. John Sanderson, 59, was killed when a truck unexpectedly attempted to u-turn in the middle of the highway. Sanderson was traveling behind the truck...
Miranda Lambert Loses Longtime Friend in ‘Tragic Accident’
During what have been some of the roughest weeks in Miranda Lambert‘s personal life, things just seem to be getting harder and harder to get through. Lambert and her husband, Blake Shelton, recently dealt with the passing of his father, Dick Shelton. Now, Lambert is dealing with yet another loss. Wi…

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