Is Clown Purge Real? [VIDEO]
According to a Facebook page called "Clown Hunters" clown hunting was suppose to be Sunday October 30th. So far, so good ...No clown hunting at this moment. Why rumors like this are taken seriously is beyond me.
Hermiston Clown Scare a Hoax!!!
Hermiston kid giving clowns a bad wrap!!
Here is Press release from the Hermiston police department:
"On the 6th of October 2016, at approximately 9AM, a Hermiston Police Department School Resource Officer was made aware of a social media thread being circulated where a threat of gun violence…
Get Ready for “Terror Behind The Screen”! [VIDEO]
Tri-Cities has a new tradition in TERROR! 102.7 KORD has created its very own haunted house in Pasco!
Opening Night is Friday, Sept. 28, 2012.
Check out the video for "Terror Behind The Screen" Haunted House
2019 W Court St
Pasco, WA
Thu: 6PM- 10PM
Fri: 6PM- 11PM
Sat: 6PM-11PM
cost is $10