chuck hall

Greg Is Gone!
Since I'm going on vacation till January 3rd, Chuck Hall is in charge. listen KORD peeps give him a chance, He can't help that he's kinda special. I'm leaving this festive note for Chuck..Make sure you keep him in line
Merry Christmas
Alarm Clocks Are On The Same Level As Paper Cuts.
Yes, it is a fact, Greg and I are back doing mornings on KORD-FM. Faith is now doing the news, and Big Bear will move to afternoons. All of this for me means waking up to an alarm clock once again. Don't get me wrong, it is exciting to be back in the am, but the am is so early.
Last Chance to Win Randy Travis Tickets!
Join Chuck Hall from noon to 1:00 p.m. today at Crabby’s Underground Saloon in Pendleton for a chance to win tickets to see Randy Travis! This is your last chance to win free tickets to Randy's show! One free pair every 12 minutes! Crabby’s Underground …
This Family……
This week end is our family reunion, and it makes me think back to reunions gone by. Let me start by saying, my family is a little left of center, just sayin'.
KORD’s New Lineup Starts Monday!
Yes the rumors are true! Chuck Hall is moving! No, not out of town and certainly not to another radio station - to AFTERNOONS! Beginning Monday catch Chuck Hall weekday afternoons from 2pm to 7pm and welcome an all new KORD morning show with Big Bear and Faith Martin...
Lifes Simply Pleasures
I get too spend time with my grandson today. I will pick him up from Pre-school, and we will go have lunch, chicken strips,  and mac and cheese please. Grand kids are like dogs, they are always glad to see you, and when it's nice outside they like to drive around with the window down...