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Work Place Pet Peeves, What’s yours?
According to, there are many office pet peeves that will drive a guy a little batty. People who talk too much, don't mind their own business, people who chew gum loud, etc. I am no exception. I'm sure there are things that I do that make co-workers a little crazy, but like any g…
Boobs of the Week
Today marks the first post in a series of posts where I name my choice for the "biggest boobs" of the week.
Drum-roll please ...
Top Ten Worst Mother’s Day Gifts
It's Mother's Day! There are many things you could get your Mother to show your love for her.  I've learned over the years that some gifts are more appreciates than others. For your amusement I have compiled a list of the top ten worst Mother's Day gifts.
I Work With This!
This is my view every morning, I think God is punishing me.
Here is a few examples of thoughts that run through my head while I'm working with Chuck.

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