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How Soon Is It OK to Set Up the Christmas Tree? [SURVEY]
I bought an artificial tree for the first time last year. We were live tree people but last year our tree was toast by Christmas (all the needles fell off). So this year on Christmas Eve I bought a 9-foot artificial tree at Home Depot. It is guaranteed to look great, the needles will never fall off …
Why Christmas Trees Are Like Dating
The differences between a Christmas Tree and a date.

 A Christmas tree is ready when you go to pick it up.
A Christmas tree won't retaliate if you dump it after a month.
You don't need a clever line to pick up a Christmas tree.
A Christmas tree doesn't mind you looking under it
5 Things that Could Spoil Your Holidays
Nearly 58-hundred people end up in the emergency room every year as a result of falling while hanging Christmas decorations as reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Here's the short list of common accidents that could put a damper on your holidays. See