Cell Phones

I Got Pulled Over Today…A Good Reminder Not to Use Cell Phone!
I'm usually pretty good about NEVER TEXTING while driving, but I do talk on my cell but always use my ear buds.
I took the dogs for a hike up Badger Mountain this morning and on my way back stopped to look at some property for sale. I needed to talk to the realtor and so since I didn't have my ear bu…
Fun With Photomoticon App!
You may remember my son Brenden who graduated from Hanford High school.
He lives in Texas now, but he recently released a phone App. It's Called  Photomoticon and it's really fun!
I'm not very good at figuring this stuff out, but this App is pretty simple...
Senior Texting Codes, Now We’re Cookin’ With Gas.
As many of you know, my knowledge of the electronic world is very limited. This includes computers, cell phones etc. When I received these senior texting codes, for the first time I thought just maybe I could belong with other texters, and be hip and talk smack with the kids. You be the judge. Now y…