Proof That Birds Hate My Co-worker ((JANIS))
Yesterday my coworker Janis told me that she accidentally hit a dove in her mini van and here is the smudge of where the bird hit her vehicle.
evidently word got out into the bird community about the death of dove! Holy guacamole! Ive never seen anything like this...
Help Me Identify This Bird [VIDEO]
So several times a year birds fly into our back patio picture windows. A few have not made it and a few just sit there stunned and in shock. Well it happened again yesterday afternoon.
Raising Crows in My Backyard
A couple of weeks ago I ended up with an injured crow in my backyard.  It had a severely damaged wing.  It was able to hop and walk around but completely unable to fly.  Soon I noticed a baby crow following it around the yard.  It too was unable to fly.