Big Bear

Bear’s Baby Girl Has Been Deployed By The US Army
Right after high school, Brianna, my daughter, enlisted in the US Army. Through her junior high and high school education she was always wanting to be part of the police and military. There is that certain respect that a person in uniform gets and they get to do things that regular citizens don&apos…
The Incredible Shrinking DJ!
Been a couple of weeks since I posted about my weight loss. With moving into a new home and all it has been a little busy. As life returns back to normal (whatever that is) I am now realizing that I am getting down to a size I have not been to since the 1980's...
Where Did Bear Go?
Too much fun. I went into the closet this morning and I grab one of my hawaiian print shirts thinking HEY! It's friday! Let's roll! OMG! What was I thinking? The last time I bought a hawaiin print shirt was last summer! Well last summer I weighed 365 lbs and I filled the shirt...
Have You Seen This Sign?
Lets have some fun this afternoon! I will take entries until 5pm this afternoon and from all of the correct entries I will select a winner for a $10 gift card to the Uptown Deli in Richland!
Bears Amazing Weight Loss Journey! My Update!
Hard to believe! But I had to go buy some new jeans again today! I absolutely love how I feel and I am here to share this experience this joy with you in hopes that I will reach just one person that has tried to lose weight. I am doing it and you can too!
Polar Plunge Is This Saturday! Help Big Bear Raise $1000!
I can't believe we are now down to days for the 2012 Kennewick Polar Plunge which is coming up on Saturday at Columbia Park! I have set a goal of $1000! Won't you help? This is for a great cause! Special Olympics of Washington. There are over 400 people taking the plunge
Here is my link if …

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