Benton Franklin Fair

Final Pics From the Fair
In case you haven't seen the two previous posts, I'm continuing a series of pictures taken late at the Benton Franklin Fair. It's a different crowd & we wanted to show it to you!
Fair Sheep Rides
This year the fair has kids participating in all sorts of 4H sponsored activities. The funniest one I saw was Sheep Ridin'! 3 yr old Jada of Kennewick rides a sheep and wins a ribbon!
Benton Franklin Fair – Late Night Edition [PHOTOS]
During the day at the fair, we see the petting zoo, children running around with their parents and lots of family fun! But what happens after the sun goes down? I headed down to the fairgrounds to check it out, and this is what I saw! Tell us what you think.
Best Dressed at the Fair
How you dress DOES matter at this years Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo. I saw prizes awarded to people wearing the most eye catching garb! Show off your wardrobe and you may get free stuff at this years 2012 Fair!
Bizarre & Awesome Attraction at the Fair
Poseidon's Bubbles - Fun to watch and participate! Only $7!
Yes, those ARE children in giant plastic bubbles. I came, I saw, I gawked. Click here to watch the MUST SEE video of the kids in the bubbles.
Bear Wants To Be Fair Queen [AUDIO]
Are you tough enough to wear pink? Was the theme of the day today at the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo. What a great way to start the day by being in the presence of the 2012 Benton Franklin Fair Royal Court. These girls have worked hard since last September to be a part of this year's f…

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