We saw a list of people banned from "Saturday Night Live" for bad behavior and were really surprised. Check out the list and some of their appearances. That reminded us of people we've banned from KORD's Waking Crew morning show.

Sinead O'Connor for ripping a picture of the pope.

Frank Zappa for doing a horrible job.

FEAR for basically inciting a riot.

Adrien Brody for an unscheduled and weird rant introducing Sean Paul.

Elvis Costello for singing "Radio, Radio" instead of the scheduled song. The ban has since been lifted.

Steven Seagal for being a jerk.

Martin Lawrence for a profanities-laced monologue.

Cypress Hill for smoking marijuana on stage.

The Replacements for being too drunk.

KORD's List of Banned People:

  • Buzz Lightyear after argument with Woody.
  • Greg's girlfriend for stealing CDs to play at her job at the burlesque club.