My Niece Michaela Beth North is a fitness Guru! And a Crossfit Specialist. She's always helping people become healthier and more fit. This is one of the recipe's she recently posted. Looks good huh?

Super easy, super delicious chicken salad.
SERVES 2 big servings:
-5 chicken tenderloins
-1.5c red grapes
-1.5c chopped celery
-1/2c olive oil mayo or make your own "paleo" mayo (google it)
-1/2 lemon juiced
-1-2T fresh tarragon (crucial)

1. Boil chicken (10 min) and shred it
2. Chop grapes and celery and mix with chicken
3. Mix dressing ingredients and pour onto chicken mixture.

Eat plain, wrap in lettuce or have on some low carb pita bread if feeling wild.

Super easy and fast and can be:
#whole30 #paleo or #cleaneating depending on your needs. It's very high in protein, low carb and SOOOO TASTY.