It's so hard to take parents seriously because they grew up in a different time! They just don't get it. Well, some things never change. Some of the things your parents say their parents said to them, and their parents said to them. Check out the results of an international survey asking 20-somethings what things their parents really were right about:

  • 1

    That boy (or girl) ain't no good!

    If there's one thing that get easier with age it's spotting the drifters, the jerks, the losers, the liars... If your parents don't like your boyfriend or girlfriend, that person is probably not long-term relationship material. Exceptions exist, but the older you get the better at reading people you become.

  • 2

    Brush your teeth! (and floss)

    So what if you miss once in a while? So what if you get a cavity or two? Well, it doesn't take long to figure out as an adult that dental work SUCKS! It's expensive, painful and inconvenient! Brushing your teeth is SOOOOOO much easier!!!

  • 3

    Stop caring what other people think

    Do what you enjoy, what makes you happy. Dress how you want. Make friends with who you want. "Image" becomes less important really fast and then you'll realize how many years of happiness you denied yourself because you were worried about looking uncool.

  • 4

    Your parents are hard on you because they love you

    It takes people many, many years to realize how deeply their parents loved them and how much they sacrificed for them. Your parents want you to succeed and be happy more than anything. They set such high expectations for you because that's how they express those feelings.

  • 5

    Being "tidy" is better than binge cleaning

    When you're a teenager it's easier to just let your room go and then do a huge cleaning session once a week or once a month. As an adult, you simply can't function like that. The mess will drive up your stress levels and the binge cleaning will become harder and harder with less time. Establish habits of being "tidy" while you're young and keeping stress under control as an adult will be much, much easier.

  • 6

    Be safe behind the wheel

    It's tempting to drive like you're in a video game, or at least to tell your parents to chill out and just trust you. But it doesn't take long to accept this simple fact: Driving is the most dangerous thing any of us do everyday. Don't learn the hard way -- drive like lives are at stake every time.

  • 7

    Don't spend money you don't have

    Credit cards are a lot of fun. Playing now and paying later sounds like fun (sometimes feels like fun). But paying off credit card debt is one of the most miserable things adults suffer. Learn this lesson now and save yourself years of misery.

  • 8

    Take school seriously

    There's a good chance someone who worked hard in school won't make any more money than you for a decade. But trust me, after about a decade, you'll want career advancement. You'll want steady raises. You'll want job security. You'll want all the things your peers are getting, but you can't have it because they have a degree and you don't. And know you have kids and a mortgage and car payments and you can't go back to school. Just trust your parents, working hard in school pays off.


  • 9

    Treat your friends well

    When you're a kid you sometimes feel like friends are disposable like tissue paper.  The older you get, the harder it is to make new friends and maintain friendships. Treat your friends golden and you'll still have them years later.

  • 10

    Better colleges lead to better salaries

    Ivy League versus the state school. Does it even matter? Well, sometimes no when you're talking about starting salaries, quality of professors, how much you learn, etc. But a lot of cool jobs are found through networking, and the better schools offer better networking leading to better jobs. It's a fact.