Spot o Faith Farm in Pasco has nursed back to health horses that were rescued months ago. Some of these horses are well bred and will make fine riding companions.

3 year old "Magic" is a Registered Appaloosa and is ready for adoption. She has not been started yet. But, is gentle and needs a quiet and confident rider to continue her training. Other horses are also available for adoption including another registered Appaloosa named "Honey Bee".

4-H groups..these horses may make great projects for experienced riders.

Also volunteers are needed for cleaning stalls, feeding horses, applying medicines etc.

Feed, supplies, and construction help is needed on a continual basis. If you are a handy man or work in construction and would like to donate time to help finish the barn before winter, Please contact Linda Cristiano at 509-845-7242.

A fundraising Barn Dance will be held  Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 4:00pm

at Spot O Faith Farm.

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