Those of you who know me well, know I'm on a forever quest to become more organized! So yesterday I bought a shelving thing at Costco that I thought would help me get some junk out of cabinets and utilize a bit more space.

"Fitch" (a worker guy at Costco) was such a sweetie and helped me locate what I needed, and by the time I got done picking out what I wanted in that store, there were 5 worker guys hangin' out helping me! They are so nice at Costco, I just love that! Boy don't I wish I had them all at my house to put the darn thing together! Cause it was NOT easy!

I swear, I have put one of these things together before but I must have lost that part of my brain because the simple assembly turned into a long drawn out frustrating mess! How could I NOT be able to do this quickly? There weren't many pieces!

When I got the whole thing done, I looked at it and realized I put all the shelves upside down! Man, I hate doing this stuff! I did better at putting together my Gazebo that I bought from Lowes not long ago.

Anyway, I was CLOSE to jumping on facebook and asking if there was some capable MAN out there that could help me!

Then my feminist female screamed at me! "You don't NEED a MAN to help you with anything!" And then I settled into...Yea, I really do...but I'll manage.

So, I finally finished. Had to skip my morning jog, but I got it done and made it to work on time! Okay, so now for the pics. Don't laugh at me cause it really should have been simple.

Things are always simple once you've done them and are in the KNOW! So now it seems silly that it was so hard. But, it was the stupid little collar things that didn't seem to fit right. And honestly... the instructions were no help at all!