You have your secret stash of seeds that nobody can get their hands on? Do ou go out in the middle of the night and nurture your plants & vines so that you can have the blue ribbon at the state fair! Well maybe not...sometimes it's an accident.

Like my buddy Andrew Hatch here with a spud as big as his head. He was harvesting potatoes last week and the guy on the digger thought a giant rock was rolling back towards him! NOPE! Just a big spud beggin' for lots of butter sour cream and bacon bits!

If you are harvest spuds, onions or whatever and you grew something freakishly huge (like Bear's Head) send 'em to us at I'll post your pictures up here for SHOW US YOUR TUBERS!

Now check out this monster pumpkin this farmer and his wife grew in new York (gotta be something in the water)