As many of you know, my knowledge of the electronic world is very limited. This includes computers, cell phones etc. When I received these senior texting codes, for the first time I thought just maybe I could belong with other texters, and be hip and talk smack with the kids. You be the judge. Now you know BFF, WTF, and LOL, but what about CBM and BTW? Ha ha, welcome to my world. Read on.

Some texting I understand,LOL

  1. BTW- Bring My Wheelchair
  2. BYOT- Bring Your Own Teeth
  3. CBM - Covered By Medicare
  4. CUATSC - See You At The Senior Center
  5. LMDO - Laughing My Dentures Out
  6. LWO- Lawrence Welk Is On
  7. OMSG- Oh My! Sorry, Gas
  8. WTP- Where's The Prunes
  9. ATD- At The Doctor
  10. GGLKI- Gotta Go Laxative Kicking In

There ya go friends and neighbors. Please leave me some of your favorite senior texting codes.