Uhhhh, I'm just gonna say it...How come when I was blabbing all over the airwaves and the internet (blogging) about how happy I was to be building my little patio cover on my back porch for my plants to grow up on...did you NOT TELL ME I NEEDED A PERMIT???? LOL, Okay, I agree IGNORANCE is no excuse! However, HOW seriously does a person know EVERYTHING?

Sometimes ya just don't know something until you find out you are supposed to know it! This project had started out with me just trying to construct some kind of small  trellis or something for my trumpet vine to climb.

It sort of 'morphed (with Greg and Jim's help) into us building a cover over my back porch to my privacy fence.  But it is very small and simple. Wood for this cost under $200. And It's not like I haven't heard of permits before, It just didn't seem like the type of thing that would need one! Little did I know...

Anyway, apparently...a neighbor or maybe one of YOU?  reported me!

Yikes! I've been REPORTED!

I got the official notice in the mail (thank God I checked my mail this month!) And I'm in some BIG TIME trouble! It's a bit curious to me as to why a neighbor or anyone would report it instead of just mentioning it to me...like "Hey Faith, keep in mind you gotta have a PERMIT!"  or something like that! haha...I don't understand why someone, ANYONE, wouldn't say something to me! But perhaps that means NONE of YOU knew I was supposed to have one either! (that makes me feel better!)

So, I have confessed  my ignorance and non compliance and am hoping to rectify the situation.

Now, did you know that when you 'apply for a permit' you have to have Site Plans? and drawings? Specs and property lines shown etc?

If you are like me, and did not go to Constructional Architectural School, it ls a bit mind boggling!

However, the nice man 'TROY' at the City of Pasco, helped me sketch it out! (while no doubt the gals in the office were giggling over my stupidity understandably!) And, now I have officially 'submitted' my Application for Permit.

They have not yet thrown me in jail...but, I'm not sure that is not coming!

So, next time you hear me talk about doing some cacamamie idea and you have some inside info about something I may need to know...Can you please SPILL IT! Haha! 

Okay then I forgive you all. And let this be a lesson for all of us...I think pretty much if you are building anything but maybe a 2X2 dog house, you need a permit.

Thank you for listening to my dilemma! The next time you hear from me, I may be in jail!