It seems that over the years the Seattle Seahawks either draft players who never produce, ( Brian Bosworth) or they get the players who are at the end of their careers (Ricky Waters).  With the Hawks signing Marshawn Lynch to a four year deal, fans are may have some hope for next year. Lynch started slow last year, but caught fire and ended up with 1,204 yards and twelve touchdowns. Let's hope for 31 million dollars Marshawn will run like the wind, and inspire the rest of the team. I am so tired of saying, 'there's always next year', or it's a rebuilding year. I'm giving Pete Carrol one more year to whip this team into shape, or I'mto buy a Seattle Storm jersey. The good news is Camden, Lindsey, Zac, Red, Nate and myself will be headed to another game this year, Kadaffi!

Story Courtesy of Fox Sports