Sara Evans is anxious to come back with her first studio album in over five years. Titled 'Stronger', the new album hits shelves and iTunes on March 8th. Evans talked to Taste Of Country about the new album and her outlook for 2011.

2011 is five-and-a-half years after Evans’ last studio album, ‘Real Fine Place,’ and three-and-a-half years since her 2007 compilation record, ‘Greatest Hits’ — and Evans says that she hopes her fans will be able to feel the hard work that went in to the new release. Evans told Taste of Country:

“I just hope that they put it in, and they’re just like ‘Oh, that’s a great song. Oh, this is great too! And this one too!’ she tells Taste of Country. “I mean, that’s always my goal when I put an album together, is that every single song serves a purpose.”

"You know, you need this, and you need this sad song — and that’s one of the reasons that it takes me a while to make a record, it’s because I’m searching for the songs,” Evans adds, stressing that each song is a strong one. “I don’t just like fillers, and I never put a filler on a record. I mean, I want every song on every album that I do to be a potential single.”

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