KORD salutes River View High School for "Kindness Week". 

Finley students in Mrs. Ward's Life Choices class at River View High School are hoping to make the transition from middle school to high school easier for incoming freshmen next year. That's why these students have designated this week - May 19-23 as "Kindness Week" at River View High School as part of their Teen Outreach Program.

The Life Choices class at RVHS chose to plan and implement Kindness Week to boost healthy relationships and morale in the high school. Each day of the week has been given a theme:
Monday - Random High Fives Day
Tuesday - Spread the Smiles Day
Wednesday - Free Hugs Day
Thursday - Nice Compliment Day
Friday - Natural Beauty Day

The week will end with an anti-bullying assembly on Friday at 9 AM at Finley Middle School.

"Violence and bullying are a problem across the United States, and this group is doing something to prevent it in our schools," says RVHS Counselor, Rebekah Duty.

Students are looking forward to spreading the positive message throughout Finley's schools this week. For more information, contact Jennifer Ward at 509.582.2158.