Seriously! We all do it, myself included. We decide there is no way we can be left alone with the left over treats from the holiday so we bring them to work right?

I went to the gym on my way to work today. Feelin' good about starting off 2014 healthier than before. Focused on eating right and exercising more.

Then the first thing I see when I get to work are treats! And not just any treats! Truffles..chocolates, sweet stuff! Yikes!

I like to think I'm a woman with great discipline. And in some things I am. But not so great at resisting chocolate!

Of course all I've had today was a glass of watered down protein from before I hit the gym. So, I'm shaky and starving and didn't bring anything to eat because I was too busy running the dogs this morning before dashing out the door to the gym and then work.

So, lesson learned! Do NOT come hungry to work if you want to remain strong for your New Years Resolutions! And yes, I'm two truffles down...:( But I'm vowing to work it off tonight and will hit the gym for the second time today and run those darn truffles off! LOL

Have a great day everyone!