Summer officially arrives on Tuesday June 21st! Are you ready for it? (Hopefully the weather will be!)

Slip & slides, BBQ's, boatin', floatin', swimmin', havin' fun in the summertime! We also love those songs that getbus in that summer mood. With a song for your heart which wants to reach out for for a girl that you long for this could be the one for summer. Check out the lyrics in the chorus “It’s gonna be a long, hot summer / We should be together with your feet up on the dashboard now / Singing along with the radio — it’s such a beautiful sound / And when you say my name in the middle of the day / I swear I see the stars come out / When you hold my hand in the back of my mind / I’m just waiting on the sun to go down / The sun to go down,”

Hopefully "Long Hot Summer" will put you in that summer mood! Check out Keith Urban's performance of "Long Hot Summer" At the 2011 Billboard Music Awards!