I've been working really hard on my yard this year! I love flowers and beautiful things outside. More than inside even. But my yard is far from beautiful in anyone else's eye I'm sure. But, my neighbor...Geez! Her yard looks like it should be in 'Better Homes & Garden's magazine! I feel a little weird snapping a photo though and nominating her! Oh wait...I live in Pasco anyway. This is for the City of Kennewick! But check it out Kennewick Residents!

The Yard of the Season Program has been designed by the City of
Kennewick Parks and Recreation Commission to share our appreciation of
individuals and businesses for their hard work towards beautifying the City of

We need your help by nominating homes and businesses within the city
limits of Kennewick that you feel are doing a great job on their yards and/or

Awards are given for spring, summer and fall, with nominations due by April
7th, June 7th or September 7th, respectively.  Winners are presented with a
certificate of appreciation at a Council Meeting, the picture of their property is
posted on our web site and a sign is placed in their yard or landscaping.

A committee from the Basin Bloomers Garden Club volunteers their time to
do all of the judging.  Judging is based upon: regular mowing and trimming,
flower beds, lawn free of weeds and disease, trees and shrubs pruned, all
planting strips well cared for and attractive to look at.

A nomination form is located on the City of Kennewick website at
click on the “A to Z” tab at the top right hand
corner of the webpage, then on the “Y” and then select Yard of the Season.
The form is located in a link at the bottom of this page.  Or the form can be
picked up at the One Stop Customer Service Counter at Kennewick City Hall,
210 W. 6th
Avenue or at the Frost Municipal Services Campus located at
1010 E. Chemical Drive. Contact: June Cram – 585-4249 or Sue Beitlich – 585-4295