A envelope containing a suspicious powder threw quite a scare into Oregon officials Wednesday morning.

The Oregon Department of Revenue office in Salem was evacuated and a HAZMAT team called in after an envelope containing a suspicious powder created a cloud of dust in the face of a worker.

The envelope was cut open shortly after 7am and the mail opening machine blew a cloud of powder into the face of a worker.   After a thorough examination, the substance was determined to be some sort of energy-drink mix, and no one was injured.

However, Oregon officials are alarmed by the implications of someone sending an envelope full of powder material to a government or public office.   Similar tactics were used in ricin and anthrax envelopes that have been sent to government agencies, most notably, the White House in 2004 and 2001.   Some officials say the intent of the sender was obvious, to create fear and cause a disruption at government office.

The investigation continues, the building was pronounced safe and an all-clear given around 11am.