Stories like this are simply heart breaking!

I know that summer time brings a fun and exciting time on the river for many. And, often it's easy to forget how incredibly careful we all need to be when operating a vessel on the water.

It's tragic that this little 4 year old boy was hit by a boat almost 3 weeks ago.  And also tragic for the accused, David Smith, who  probably never thought this kind of thing would ever occur!

It seems to me that plenty of accidents could be avoided if people weren't intoxicated! It's a good reminder for everyone, to realize that you put other people in danger when you drink!

Smith now faces charges of second degree assault of a child, reckless operation of a boat, boating under the influence, and hit and run with a vessel.

Smith  plead "not guilty " to these charges.

His court date has been pushed back till July 12th according to sources.

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