Earlier this month, there was a story flying around online about how Saudi Arabia had DEPORTED three men who were visiting . . . because the men were TOO HANDSOME.

Apparently, the Islamic police were worried that if the men stuck around, women, quote, "could fall for them."


Well . . . photos of two of the men just surfaced and one of them looks a lot like...Greg Delange from the KORD Waking Crew.  Greg lead us to believe he was vacationing south of the border in Mexico.

This could explain why Greg is back early.  He wasn't in Cabo - he was dazzling the ladies in Saudi Arabia!  And, yes, he's a handsome dude.  Handsome enough to be deported?  That I can't say.  Ladies you be the judge and hear all about his supposed vacation tomorrow morning with the KORD Waking Crew.

Check out the photos of one guy who was actually deported here: (Asiantown)