A pet name is very important. Please give your man a name that makes him feel like he's the king of your world. Here are a few examples of names given to me I hated.

  • Pumpkin

    Really? Are you calling me round and orange? Are you calling me fat? There's absolutely nothing cool about a pumpkin. I hated it.

    Flickr, Salim Virji
  • Cuddle Bear

    Are you calling me hairy and squishy? Hey, let's play Barbies while we're at it. I hated it.

  • Snookie

    I think "Jersey Shore" ruined that one. Are you calling me FAT? Enough said. I hated it.

  • Love Bug

    Are you kidding? I have never seen a sexy/cute/manly bug! Every time I heard this name I would cringe! Never ever use the word "bug" in a pet name! I hated it. Although, I must admit, I used to call her a bug name: "Hi, Black Widow" --Bazinga!

  • Silly Willy

    ((crickets chirping)) Nothing silly about my Willy!