Goethals Park is on Goethals Street parallel with Wellsian Way near Fred Meyer in Richland. Because of it's location, it definitely feels more like a neighborhood park despite its size. And the size is impressive. It's basically three parks in one. On the south side, a playground for small children is surrounded by grass, benches and a small parking lot. Landscaping creates a natural barrier from the middle park featuring bridges, tunnels, a creek bed, logs and vegetation. On the north side of the park a large climbing toy is arguably the largest in Tri-Cities outside of Howard Amon Park. My children love to climb on the logs, play on the toy and hide in the tunnels. This is a perfect park for letting kids play out scenarios from their imagination. And unlike most parks where I just stand and watch, this is a fun park to engage with your kids.

  • No restrooms
  • Some picnic tables
  • No ball courts
  • Great for dogs

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