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Channel Your Inner Star and Audition for These Upcoming shows
It may seem surprising to some, but Tri-Cities (and the surrounding area) has a thriving theater arts community! There are several different local companies producing incredible shows through out the year. A lot of people also don't know that pretty much anyone can audition for these shoes...
Is Your “Blinker Fluid” Full? The WSP Wants to Make Sure!
The Washington State Patrol just released a video to make sure everyone has checked their blinker fluid now that spring is almost here. There seem to be a large number of drivers with turn signals that don't work correctly so they are spreading
Curling is the Only Olympic Sport You Need to Watch!!
Curling is bad ass. For real. It combines science, athleticism, and cool special shoes for walking on ice without falling on your butt. Who ever made up this sport must have been REALLY bored and cold, but they were also a genius. Watch this video and you too will be swept away by the magic of this …

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