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Proof That Birds Hate My Co-worker ((JANIS))
Yesterday my coworker Janis told me that she accidentally hit a dove in her mini van and here is the smudge of where the bird hit her vehicle.
evidently word got out into the bird community about the death of dove! Holy guacamole! Ive never seen anything like this...
Celebrate Record Store Day at This Cool Tri-Cities Event!
Back in the day, you couldn't just download your fave music. You had to get in the car and drive to your local record store or mega record stores like Tower Records. If you you had to google Tower Records, you didn't grow up in the hay day of shopping for music in a store filled with all k…
The 21st Annual Kid’s Fishing Derby is This Saturday
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife fish hatchery has dumped hundreds of rainbow trout into the Columbia Park Pond to prepare for the 21st annual kid’s fishing derby this weekend.
The Fishing Derby is this Saturday and only cost $10 to preregister and you get…

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