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The Worlds Best Valentines Pick-up Lines
Disclaimer: These pick-up lines have powerful results, Use with caution! with great pick-up line power comes great responsibility!
I have Skittles in my mouth. I invite you to taste the rainbow.
If you were a phaser you would be set to stunning...
Here’s Where to Party for Mardi Gras Tonight!
Mardi Gras is traditionally met with a huge party! A lot of people don't know why. Basically, it's the last big party night before the Catholic tradition of lent, where you give up something for 40 days. So it's the last night to get crazy before having to chill for a bit...
Two Fantastic Shows Opening in Tri-Cities This Week!!
There used to be a saying "There's nothing to do in the Tri-Cities." I say, "used to," because seriously, if you can't find anything to do in the TC these days, you're just not looking! We have (among many things) a thriving theater arts community p…

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