It started out as just a weed. Now I know we usually don't care about weeds but this particular weed had something special and it wanted to share it with everybody. What was it?

This little weed which was about 2 feet tall is a  Burning Bush or Mexican Firebush. It is a noxious weed but uncannily when you put a red christmas tree ball on it; well it looked like a Charlie Brown tree!

There were people that even convinced Santa Claus to come and visit the little Christmas Weed! Well as soon as the little Christmas weed became a big celebrity the City of Kennewick decided that it was a distraction to drivers and if people were running thru traffic to put decorations or presents on the Christmas Weed that there was the probability that some somebody might get hurt. So Kennewick's Department Of Municipal Services decided to remove it. No discussion just done. That simple.

The sight of that little Christmas weed prompted people to add to it and made everybody feel a little more Christmas! Some folks were really feeling the Christmas Spirit. All because of a little Christmas Weed.

Even though there may be a grinch working for the City Of Kennewick the Grinch can't take away the Christmas Spirit of the Little Christmas Weed