Last week we shared some terrible Valentine's Day stories from a survey. Then we asked YOU, our listeners, to share YOUR worst story and we couldn't believe it! You poor souls have had some TERRIBLE Valentine's Days. Check these out:

While sitting in my daughter's Kindergarten Valentine's Day party my husband confessed to inviting his ex-girlfriend over for sex several times.

I went all out for a girl and she dumped me.

The guy I was dating broke up with me on the 13th, but then wanted me to come over on the 14th to talk some more to see if we could work things out. Nope. He broke up with me again on Valentine's Day.

I spent $50 and cooked an amazing lobster and seafood ravioli dinner with steak, salad and triple chocolate lava cake. Then he took someone else out on a date the next day. Not a big deal if we hadn't dated for over 2 years.

This year I got a "D*** in a Box" for valentines day. He said he had a gift for me, so got excited. Oooh it was going to be so romantic, but when the time came and I had given him his, his just ruined the whole mood. Romance gone, worst Valentine's Day ever.

This year I came home from work and couldn't wait to spend some alone time with my man. I came home and I saw his friends vehicle there. I walked in and his buddies were passed out on the table an he's outside loading up the sleds. Man, I was pissed and hurt. He had flowers on the bed with a bear and a card, but my night was ruined and all excitement was gone. He came in and I told him I didn't expect this. Drunks.

In 2010 my grandpa died on the 12th and on the 16th my daughter's father ran off.

I got rear-ended by a disabled professor.

My husband and I got into a fight the day before Valentine's Day so I took myself out for a big night with a dinner and massage -- alone.

My boyfriend ignored me all day so I tell him I'm going to play Bingo with my mom. Hours later he asks where I am and says he is at the Hardrock and he had a room. So when I go to find him I get to his room and he's with his ex.

I bought my boyfriend a gift and got dressed up and he didn't show. I texted him and he said he was out with friends and would see me tomorrow.

I bought a woman I was dating flowers, candy and a necklace. She went out with another guy that night.

About 7 years ago my husband was on graveyard shift and I had cramps. I packed him a fantastic lunch and wrote a love note, but he never called to ask how I was feeling or to say Happy Valentine's Day.

My husband and I got in a fight over who should make the reservation and he leaves me alone with my baby and went to a bar with his friend.

I made love for the first time on Feb. 13 and the next day the boy walked into class with roses... then he walked past me and gave them to the girl next to me and asked her to be his Valentine.

I gave my wife Tetris instead of flowers. Now I know to always give flowers.

My husband bought concert tickets for Valentine's Day. When we couldn't get a sitter for our toddler he went anyway and took a friend instead.