In a recent interview, Eric Church goes off on reality TV shows including 'The Voice', which Blake Shelton is on. Needless to say he has stirred the pot just a little. Church doesn't think getting your start on a reality show, or even being a judge on one is the path he would take. He said,"There is no fu*%#NG way I would sit there and judge" . Earth to Eric, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Kellie Pickler and Scotty McCreery all got their start on a reality show(American Idol, Nashville Star) Hey, Eric, just because you rent a big bus and sing for a living doesn't make you a big star, and mocking artists who are more talented and successful than you, make you an idiot. I hope you liked your career, and good luck in the future playing the parking lots at the Wal-Mart grand openings.


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