Meow is one overweight cat, just take a look -- yikes! How does an animal get this big? I mean I know cats are lazy, but holy crap! I had a neighbor who had a dog so fat it couldn't even bark. When it got mad it just made a sound like he was clearing his throat.

If you're going to feed your pet table scraps, at least throw in some salad or a veggie now and again.

This cat weighs around 39 pounds, and as you might guess, he lays around a lot.

A 39 pound cat... that's like having a five-pound hamster, or a 300-pound dog named Matt.

Growing up, we had a fat dog -- a small mixed-breed named Shammie. When she got older, she would walk to the neighbor's house about a block away where an older couple named Mr. and Mrs. Skarr would pamper her and feed her steak; she hated coming home.

At one point she would walk to the Skarr's house and Mrs. Skarr would drive her home. The car would pull up front and she would get out and open the back door -- out jumped Shammie. This happened four days a week.

My personnel opinion is if you have a cat this big, Meow as a name will not do.

Here are some of my suggestions:

* Water Balloon

* Paper Weight

* Lead Zeppelin

* Gravity

* Oprah

* Two Ton Tabby

* Laystill

* Lunch Special #4

* Bar Bell

* Dumbo

Give me a fat cat name in the comment section.

Story and photo from NBC/Today Show