We've heard about it, we've talked about for years and finally (yesterday) we took a day and visited Palouse Falls State Park near Starbuck, WA.  We took some awesome photos and video and hope it will inspire you to make the 90 minute drive north.  You won't regret it. Since Palouse Falls is a state park, be prepared to buy a day pass - bring $10 in cash or a check.  They don't take debit.  We were unprepared for this and ended up driving 5 miles to the KOA campground and marina to get cash.

Bring a back pack, water, snacks, camera and take the two mile awe inspiring hike. It wasn't too challenging but it would be a bit freaky for anyone with a fear of heights.  Learn more about Palouse Falls HERE and check out my videos below.  In my video I mention "900 feet down".  It's actually only 200 feet.   Happy hiking!